Watson Green Monke Nitrile Gloves - 50 Pair/Box - Large - 4mil - Disposable

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Watson Green Monkey™ Nitrile Gloves

- 50 Pair/Box - Large - 4mil - Disposable

Green Monkey™ 4mil nitrile gloves are powder-free, landfill biodegradable, and lightly textured to provide a sure-grip in oily and wet conditions. This disposable glove has superior strength with excellent resistance to punctures, tears, and is chemically resistant to oils, solvents and grease. Gloves feature a 9.5 inch rolled cuff to keep liquids out, as well as offer extra strength to the cuff. This landfill biodegradable nitrile glove uses a unique formulation to break down gloves in 8-11 years instead of 20 years like most disposable gloves. Biodegradation only begins when the gloves are discarded in landfills conditions (ASTM D5526). Once the biodegradation process begins, the additive in the Green Monkey™ nitrile disposables will ensure that they do not just break down into smaller plastic pieces, but are actually converted to biogas like other organic materials.