Rock Wool 3ct 25x25x40MM

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  • Made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers and then compressed into cubes, blocks, or slabs, great for rooting cuttings clone plants, germination start seeds and more. Encourages Faster Initial Rooting & Its Firmness Is Guaranteed.
  • EASY TO TRANSPLANT - Much easier than starting in soil! Predrilled planting holes make seeding and plant propagation a breeze.Great for hobby and commecial growers 1x1x1.5 Inches. Great-sized to fit a standard flat growing tray.
  • HIGH YIELD- Porosity is up to 95%, which makes the roots separate deeper and broader. It increases the speed of growth and the output. The planting period will be shorter than normal planting ways. What’s more, it also improves the fruit quality.
  • PLANTING COST REDUCTION- The rockwool creates a structure perfectly suited to retain water while holding more oxygen, which lowers down the frequency of irrigation of water or fertilizer, and reduces the cost of irrigation.
  • WIDE APPLICATION -These rockwool starter plugs are widely used in hydroponic, seed starting, cuttings, plant propagation and so on. Much easier than starting in soil! They are great for gardening hobby and commercial growers.