RedRock Grow Block PRO w/hole 6-Inch x 6-Inch x 5.3-Inch

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RedRock Grow Blocks are the stonewool of choice for commercial and industrial cultivators.  RedRock Block has been sold to North America's largest farms and cultivators with two things in mind - Crop yield and cost.  

Commercial grade stonewool grow blocks manufactured from high-grade US made raw material.  

  • Stonewool is sourced and manufactured from and in North America
  • Wetting agent ensures nutrients are immediately plant available
  • High fiber density makes better use of water and fertilizers while allowing dry back

It is common to find propagators moving fresh cuttings into plugs for the initial stage of development. Once rooted plants are transplanted into grow blocks and then placed ontop of grow slabs to extend root zone development and access to water and nutrients. Selecting the correct substrate for your crop depends on many variables such as size, duration, density, and more.