RedFlag Graduated Round Measuring Container - 1000 mL / 32 oz

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RedFlag Plastics Graduated Round Containers are used for volumetric measurement of liquids or solids. These containers feature easy-to-read imperial and metric scales of measurement.

Molded from impact-resistant, translucent plastic for ideal durability and visibility of measured contents, and each container features a handy reference guide to common abbreviations and a convenient, easy-to-use chart of volumetric conversions.

Available sizes:

  • 1000 milliliter (mL) / 32 ounce (oz)
  • 2000 milliliter (mL) / 64 ounce (oz)
  • 5000 milliliter (mL) / 160 ounce (oz)

The various sizes are stack-able due to the grooved handle.

Easy to read, large print, conversion table, extended handle, easy pour spout, sturdy flat bottom, high visibility lettering and numbers.  Quickly and conveniently make conversions using the printed chart.

Excellent for use with both liquid and dry fertilizer formulations.  Standard for all agricultural facilities, grow rooms, nurseries, and propagation centers.