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Natural chelators in Recharge make more nutrition available to the plant’s root system for faster and stronger overall growth rates.

Recharge is loaded with mycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi as well as the strongest microbe package available anywhere. We add organic goodies including kelp, molasses, and humic acid to develop a healthy colony of living soil microbes. Undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations.


  • Proprietary microbe package
  • Increases availability and delivery of nutrition to plants
  • Increased vigor, resistance to stress
  • Will not burn plants at any concentration
  • Compliments ANY nutrient line: synthetic or organic
  • Use in Soil, Coco, Rockwool, or Hydro
  • All-natural, non-toxic
  • Store in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years

You will see stronger growth within 48 hrs, or YOUR MONEY BACK.



Use weekly from rooted clones or seedlings, to transplants, to late flowering plants.

Recharge can be tank mixed and added to your usual water / nutrient solution. We suggest adding Recharge last, after you adjust your pH. Recharge will initially raise the pH of your solution, but you do NOT need to correct it. The microbes in Recharge are able to actively feed plants at a wide range of pH levels.

Clones / Seedlings
Innoculate when first roots are visible with ½ tsp per gallon water / nutrient solution.

Vegetative Plants
Use 1 tsp per gallon of water / nutrient solution, once a week.

Water in at 2 tsp per gallon water / nutrient solution to minimize transplant shock.

Flowering Plants
Use 1 tsp per gallon of water/nutrient solution, once a week.
Stop using one week before flush.

Enhance Your Compost Tea
Recharge can be added to your existing Active Aerated Compost Tea recipes. When brewing, expect a beautiful heady foam to develop so leave some room at the top of your brewer. Please use sparingly, as it is highly concentrated. Try ½ tsp per gallon.

Recharge Quick Compost Tea
You can also brew Active Aerated Compost Tea with just Recharge and water. Start with 1 tsp per gallon for a mild tea. When brewing, expect a beautiful heady foam to develop so leave some room at the top of your brewer. Ready to use after 15 mins. Do not brew longer than 24 hrs.

Once Recharge is mixed with water, use within 24 hours.



Glomus aggregatum 6.4 CFU/g
Glomus mosseae 6.4 CFU/g
Glomus intraradices 6.4 CFU/g
Glomus etunicatum 6.4 CFU/g
Bacillus licheniformis 100,000,000 CFU/g
Bacillus pumilus 100,000,000 CFU/g
Bacillus subtilis 100,000,000 CFU/g
Bacillus megaterium 100,000,000 CFU/g
Trichoderma reesei 250,000 CFU/g
Trichderma harzianum 250,000 CFU/g
Kelp (derived from Ascophyllum nodosum) 12%
Molasses (microbe food) 6%
Humic Acid (derivied from Leonardite) 5%