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Benefits of Pollen Press 

  • Kief is a powdery form which can easily be spilt over or blown away by the wind. Compressing it into Hash coins or pellets allows it to be more convenient to handle and prevents any unnecessary wastage.  
  • The same amount of Hash is another form that takes up more space, but compressing it into a disk or other compact design reduces the amount of storage space. 
  • It increases the lifetime of the product as hash can be stored easily in an air-tight container when they are in the form of coins or disk. They can be placed in a dry location, away from direct sunlight, thereby enhancing their shelf life. 
  • The compact version of the hash can be stamped with a brand logo or image, allowing companies and consumers to recognize their preference with much ease. 
  • Pressed coins and pellets are much easier to be packaged and shipped when compared to loose powder. 
  • Hashish can be blended with other ingredients which makes it better to be portioned in coin form. Moreover, the potency is much more easily and efficiently preserved when the Hash is converted into a disk. 

The Benefits of using pollen press for loose-Marijuana leaf is also similar to that of the Kief ones. A compact ground marijuana leaf not only reduces the size of the stash but also makes it easier and more convenient to use and store. 

This brings us to the end of our article on Pollen Press, their usage, and benefits. I hope this was helpful and informative.