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pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco still has all the benefits of our world-famous flagship base nutrient pH Perfect Connoisseur. And in addition it’s been optimized specifically for Coco Coir growers. Here’s the unique science behind this development … It’s a known fact coco coir naturally attracts and binds to calcium and magnesium. This means your average nutrients will have a greater percentage of their Ca and Mg bound to the growing medium and not transported to your plants (where you want them) … potentially starving your precious crops! What’s more: coco coir contains high levels of naturally occurring potassium … and … if you fail to account for this already present amount of potassium your risk poisoning your plants via potassium toxicity! That’s why resourceful growers have been forced to get around these problems by watching their potassium levels by using so-called “coco” nutes and investing in cal-mag supplements to try and dial things in … However, even when using these methods, growers were still running into weird nutrient deficiencies …