New Bud Automatic Trimmer- 18-inch Leaf Trimming Hydroponic Spin Cutter, Medicinal Herb and grass bud cutting Trimming Machine

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Bud Trimmer- 18-inch 

This stand Leaf trimmer is used for separating protruding excess leaves and cutting twigs from a variety of plants and flowers. They can also be used to cut plants and bushes like rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, lavender, coriander, parsley and to prepare essential oils and mixed flowers for aromatherapy and potpourris. With just a few electric drives. Small leaves will be blown into the gear box by inside fan for easily disposing.

It is equipped with a leaf recovery system and can be quickly disassembled for easy transportation. For trimming, take a branch of a freshly harvested plant in your hand and move it over the grate with a back-and-forth motion while rotating the plant at the same time. With this machine you can trim your plants or flowers in a fraction of the time and with a uniform product result.

The extra sharp blade make clean quality cuts, but it also will minimize the damage done to the plants. The unit also has a built-in Fan that blows small leaves and twigs into the underside mounted catch bag. This also helps to reduce cleanup and any mess. Buy A Twisted Trimmer and rest assured that your buying the best, from the best, at the best price!


1.Never place your fingers, gloves or any other body part in contact with the grate or the blade.
2.Never apply pressure on the grate.
3.Do not use scissors, knives or any instrument above the grate.
4.Safety glasses and gloves are required at all time.
5.The gloves have to be tight enough so they don't get inside the grate slots. A loose glove is dangerous, be aware!