Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus, 1.04 lbs

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Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus, 

A complete ecosystem in a bottle, Microbe Life™ Photosynthesis Plus (0-0.5-0.09) uses a culture consortium produced by Ecological Laboratories, Inc. which is used on tens of thousands of acres of crops worldwide. The proprietary formulation and culture growth enhances product performance via selective adaptation, resulting in superior performance in all types of environments. Photosynthesis Plus promotes plant vigor and reduces input costs while increasing yields. It allows plants to capture and utilize radiant energy more efficiently, speeding uptake and distribution of essential macro- and micro- nutrients required for all plant metabolic functions and growth. Use in addition to ALL nutrient and fertilizer programs for maximum yields. May be used indoors and out, with all hydroponic, NFT, drip, aeroponic, irrigation and liquid feeding systems, and with all soil-based and soilless media, including coco coir. Shelf stable for two u

city line hydro recommendation enhances root and soil relationship. Makes nutrients available quicker. Best used in combination with sugar or molasses. Use frequently to keep microbial populations active.