Microbe Lift Microbe-Lift BMC, 2 oz

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Microbe Life Microbe-Lift BMC, 2 oz

Microbe Life™ Microbe-Lift® BMC (Biological Mosquito Control) fully treats any area with standing water that serves as a breeding ground for mosquitos. It consists of natural bacteria that are toxic to mosquito larva, killing mosquito populations at their source. Because these bacteria are only toxic to the target pest, they pose no danger to fish, pets, humans, or vegetation. It fully penetrates the entire depth of the water treated, and it has no negative effects on the aesthetics of the areas in which it's used. One teaspoon treats 540 square feet of water. This biological formula can also be used in a soil drench dilution to control the soil-dwelling larvae of certain plant pests such as fungus gnats.