Mammoth Bio Control 500 ML.

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Extensively Tested

Lab and greenhouse tested by our Research and Development team and proven to prevent and control the infestation of mites and thrips on plants.

Targeted Proprietary Formulation

MAMMOTH® Biocontrol Preventative Insecticide (MB-PI) utilizes compounds in thyme oil found to be highly effective in pest prevention and control.

100% All Natural Ingredients

Exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) as a minimum risk pesticide. Plant-derived ingredients leave zero toxic residue, and are safe when used as directed for testing.

Safe & Compatible

MAMMOTH® Biocontrol Preventative Insecticide (MB-PI) is safe when used as directed for use throughout the vegetative phase of plant growth, and is compatible for use as a part of your IPM strategy.

A concentrated biocontrol product.

MAMMOTH® Biocontrol is a concentrated solution that dilutes into water at the low rate of 3oz per gallon. *Use of a surfactant is necessary - please see label*