LTQ Vapor KP4 Rosin Press Machine for Dab Extraction with 4 Ton pressure Heat press machine

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  • Presuure 4 tons and with voice prompt function
  • Compact Size:192mm*145mm*370mm High Pressure: 4 Tons
  • High Yield: 25%-50% Dual Heated Plates:4*4 inch
  • Easy to operate,one hand crank Temperature Range can be adjustable
  • Easy to carry and Suited for home use

LTQ Rosin Extraction System allows beginning users to become experts with LTQ Vapor Rosin Press precise methodology specific bag sizes and accurate pressure readings giving the user consistent results every time. When it comes to precision control and design look no further than our  model. The XP truly begins to define the more advanced mechanics of the Rosin Extraction industry. This all-in-one extraction system boasts some impressive features while allowing you cost-effective investment solutions when making your choice to select this model! With its revolutionary built-in pressure gauge (capable of extremely accurate pressure readings up to 6000 PSI hydraulic pressure)…

This model is perfect for the slightly more advanced user and breaking into light Commercial use with its equipped 6” x 4” in. 6061 High-grade aluminum smash plates. Each of these plates is powered by dual heaters providing reliable and accurate temperature control to effortlessly extract your own rosin.