FoxFarm® Happy Frog® Potting Soil - 2cu ft

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FoxFarm's Happy Frog potting soil is a ready to use, nutrient-rich, and fine-screened potting soil. It has a light texture and is well aerated. Happy Frog Potting Soil is amended with soil microbes that can help improve root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake, bringing nutrients straight to your roots. Happy Frog is also pH-adjusted for optimum results and contains beneficial microbes, making it ideal for container plantings. Between the earthworm castings, bat guano, and aged forest products, your container plants have never felt so good.

Happy Frog Potting Soil is designed for container planting. Whether you’re growing a ficus in the dining room, a geranium on the patio, or a lemon tree on the deck, use our Potting Soil full strength in your containers.

Your plants deserve the best and that's what Happy Frog provides!