Down To Earth Langbeinite (Sul-Po-Mag) 0-0-22 Fertilizer- 5 lb

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This OMRI listed, naturally mined crystalline mineral provides your soil with the water-soluble sulfate form of potassium, magnesium and sulfurs. These three plant nutrients are key to growing high quality plants and when offered in the form of Langbeinite your plants will benefit from its unique qualities:

  • A maximum chlorine content of 3.0% that reduces the danger of fertilizer burn.
  • The fine particles of this standard grade has a typical SGN (Size Guide Number) of 95, which makes for superior solubility and uptake.
  • A neutral pH that will not alter microbial activity or nutrient availability in soil.

Down To Earth's Langbeinite (0-0-22) is highly recommended for use on delicate fruit and vegetables crops that need high fertilization rates but are not able to handle high levels of chlorine or soluble salts. Approved for organic production.