Cutting Edge Solutions Cal Mag Amplified -2.13 lbs

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Cutting Edge® Cal Mag Amplified™
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Cal-Mag Amplified™ is an ideal choice for supplementing native soil with pure, rapidly absorbable forms of calcium and magnesium. Coco coir growers will greatly benefit from the use of Cal-Mag Amplified™ by providing additional calcium to buffer the coco and maximize cation exchange capacity. Higher levels of magnesium are necessary for some plant varieties and heirlooms that originate from equatorial regions. The additional source of magnesium in Cal-Mag Amplified™ will drive chlorophyll production and maximize photosynthesis. Plants fortified with calcium and magnesium exhibit lush green leaves and reward the farmer with heavy fruits. Foliar application is also highly recommended as a way to provide the plants with direct sources of calcium to fortify cell walls through the apolplast pathway, freeing mobile calcium to be used for fruit set. Spray when the sun is first rising or setting for the night to ensure stomata are fully dilated.