bio365™ BIOLITE™ - 10gal - Grow Bag - Coarse Coir, Fine Coir & Coarse Perlite

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bio365™ BIOLITE™

- 10gal - Grow Bag - Coarse Coir, Fine Coir & Coarse Perlite

bio365™ BIOLITE™ is a high porosity blend of coarse and fine coco with perlite. Contains Bio charge® Biology + bioCORE® Biochar + ultimateAIR®. BIOLITE™ is an all-new category of engineered, living soilless media manufactured to exacting standards in bio365’s US-based controlled-environment facilities. A leap forward from the typical 70/30 blend of coco and perlite, BIOLITE™ combines ultimateAIR™ coco coir technology, a patented breakthrough Bio Charge®, and three sizes of perlite. The result is a soilless substrate that delivers low water holding capacity with dramatically higher air-filled porosity than the typical 70/30 blend. Designed for frequent watering and feeding protocols, its maximized aeration and high drainage creates a maximally responsive media that allows cultivators to feed aggressively without risking overwatering. Unlike BIOCOCO, which enables a wide-range of irrigation strategies, BIOLITE™ is best used for frequent watering programs. Made on computer-controlled equipment, ensuring a consistent media with a stable pH and low EC. It includes a dual biochemical buffer and is ready-to-use immediately.

    • Guaranteed Analysis : 0.20-0.06-0.28
    • BIOLITE™ Grow Bags are available in 1.25, 2, 3, 5, 7gal, and 10gal sizes
    • Also available in 1.5cu ft Bags and 4-Yard Super Sacks
    • Save time and money with bio365's loose filled, ready-to-use bags made from sturdy, post-consumer recycled material.
    • Grow Bag micro perforations optimize root zone aeration and provide consistency in dry downs.